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Scale drawings and pics

Post by David Lehmann » 19 May 2003 07:42


I am looking for whatever photos or drawings you could provide about the French Army in 1939/1940 and in the 50's.

- pics with soldier in action, or weapons/vehicles with men around (not destroyed or captured material) ...

- scale drawings of weapons, vehicles etc.

I am also especially looking for scale drawings of :

155mm GPF gun ANY Heavy or Medium artillery guns other than the Schneider 155mm Howitzer

ANY caterpillar tractors used as prime movers or supply carriers other than the UE or Lorraine 37TL (we already have plans for both!).

ANY light mountain guns (especially the 65mm M1906 DuPort weapon!).

13.2mm Hotchkiss Heavy Machine Gun on AAA groundmount

37mm Hotchkiss Automatic Cannon on AAA ground mount

ANY French Trucks, light, medium, or heavy!!!!

ANY French halftracks - ESPECIALLY the Citroen -Kegresse P17 troop
carrier/Liason Car/Prime Mover

So if you have scale plans for any of these, I most certainly would
appreciate JPEGs of them.

Many Thanks!

Just send them to

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