[An alleged] French "Lili Marleen" parody

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[An alleged] French "Lili Marleen" parody

Post by alsaco » 23 Oct 2002 17:06

[Topic renamed by the music section host, Ivan Ž.]

Just for information, a Lily Marleen song [parody] used in Paris, 1943 did say

Devant la caserne, y'avait un allemand
Qui montait la garde, hier, tout en pleurant
Je lui demande pourquoi pleure tu ?.
Il me répond, on est foutu

Ils ont les russes au cul
Ils ont les russes au cul

Souvenirs, Souvenirs .....

[Please credit the source of the lyrics. I. Ž.]

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Post by walterkaschner » 23 Oct 2002 18:53

Hi Alsaco!

I had heard several ribald versions in English, but never before one in French. Yours is a good one indeed, although perhaps a bit too strong to translate for the benefit of some of our younger non French speaking members. As you probably know, the more traditional French version started like this:

Devant la caserne quand le jour s'enfuit,
La vieille lanterne soudain s'allume et luit.
C'est dans ce coin là que le soir
On s'attendait remplis d'espoir
|: Tous deux, Lily Marlène. :|

Regards, Kaschner

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ziggy wiseman
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Post by ziggy wiseman » 26 Oct 2002 00:32

Alsaco,i'm sure that the one song by Lale Anderson was much more appreciated by the germans than you're Paris's version!!!

les russes au cul...(la suite s.v.p.)

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