New book on 303 Kosciuszko Squadron

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New book on 303 Kosciuszko Squadron

Post by Ogorek » 06 Oct 2003 20:06


see :

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Post by mars » 06 Oct 2003 22:12

I heard some of the member of Polish pilots who servered in RAF in WWII returned to Poland after the war, could anyone tell me their fate in the Soviet-controlled Poland ?

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Post by Eryk » 07 Oct 2003 11:55


About 303 squadron and other Polish squadrons

After war:

Stanisaw Skalski, 19-21 victories (not sure).

Come back to Poland in 1947 (June 8th ). His baggage was being kept by police. Lost books, diary and other papers.

In 1948 – arrested and accused of spying (for MI 6). Beaten and tortured. Sentenced to death. He refused to sign a claim for pardon.
In 1951 death sentence was being changed to life imprisonment (by President Bierut), but Skalski didn’t know about this till 1953.

In prison during six week Skalski wrote a book : “Black crosses over Poland”.

Released in April 1956. Firstly refused to join new “Polish” army. He agreed after “Octobers events” in 1956. Worked for Air Force General Staff.

From 1972 in reserve. In 1988 promoted to general.

Despite pressures, never joined communistic party.

Witold Urbanowicz

Came to Poland in 1946. Immediately arrested. Unawares released. Taking an advantage escaped from Poland. Died in USA August 17th 1996.

Colonel (?) Michowski - killed.

Colonel (?) Scibor – killed.

(hope) to be continued ...

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Post by PolAntek » 08 Oct 2003 22:58

Thanks for the link Ogorek.

Picked up a copy of the book yesterday and read through the first several chapters. Very well written. One of those books that’s difficult to put down once you’ve started reading.

This is a story that needs to be told. The disgusting treatment of the Poles after all of their sacrifices and huge contribution to the Allied victory is one of the most pathetic episodes of the WW2 era. It’s high time that the Poles get the credit and respect that they deserve. Unfortunately, most of those brave souls are no longer with us to receive their long overdue recognition.

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Benoit Douville
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Post by Benoit Douville » 09 Oct 2003 00:59

Yep, this is a great thread. The Poles played a huge role in the Battle of England against the powerful Luftwaffe and in other Air Battle in the sky over Europe. We have to remember them.


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