Polish Civil War 1944-1946 have broken out?

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Polish Civil War 1944-1946 have broken out?

Post by LAstry2 » 07 Jun 2022 16:52

If the UK had allowded more paratrooper and armored units to be smuggled into Poland in 1944 would the following have happened?

1) The Warsaw Uprising of August 1944 would not have been crushed....
2) The reestablishement of Polish goverment In exhile in London in warsaw....
3) A Ciil war breaks out between the Pro western Poles In exhile and the Pro eastern Poles...backed by Stalin

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Re: Polish Civil War 1944-1946 have broken out?

Post by gebhk » 08 Jun 2022 10:05

1) Don't see why. A paratrooper brigade, even fully armed rather than 'smuggled in' would not have made a great deal of difference to the balance, so long the Soviets were not involved and it certainly would not have given them one to get involved. .
2) Can't see how. That would imply an area of Poland that had not yet been overrun by the Red Army could be captured from the Germans and held by the parachute brigade and armoured division. Given that an entire parachute DIVISION in addition to the Polish Parachute Brigade proved unable to capture and hold one end of a bridges for more than a week and within spitting distance of its supply bases, suggests this at the extreme range of aerial supply is pie in the sky. And even if, by some miracle, it could be achieved, the Soviets would steamroller over this tiny rump, hardly noticing it.
3) Not a chance. There would simply be a war between a Polish para brigade, a Polish armoured division sans any means of supply and a few thousand volunteers with hand guns at best, against the Red Army. The 'pro-eastern' puppets were merely a token in all of this.

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