ENIGMA – Polish gift

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ENIGMA – Polish gift

Post by Somosierra » 16 Mar 2003 02:43

ENIGMA – Polish gift

July 24, 1939 is the day to be remembered forever. Cryptanalysts and heads of the Intelligence Services from France and Great Britain arrived in Pyry, near Warsaw, to receive the Enigma replicas along with all the cryptanalyst information Poland gathered. Without that, it would take an extra 2 to 3 years to break the Enigma Code. By then, Hitler would be in London.
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Post by PolAntek » 16 Mar 2003 11:19

Another one of the many Polish contributions to the Allied victory that is both unknown and ignored.

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Post by Musashi » 16 Mar 2003 11:24

Many stupid people still believe the British broke the code of Enigma :?

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Dennis Redler
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Post by Dennis Redler » 16 Mar 2003 11:38

Interesting, thanks for the education.
You're correct, in a recent documentary I watched, England took all the credit and never mentioned Poland. Curious :? It does make one wonder.
Dennis :)

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Re: ENIGMA – Polish gift

Post by Figaro » 18 Mar 2003 11:49

Somosierra wrote:Without that, it would take an extra 2 to 3 years to break the Enigma Code. By then, Hitler would be in London.
I doubt that the britts would have needed several years to crack the enigma code. After all, there had been civilan versions of the machine out for years before the war. Arne Buerling certainly didn't need years to crack the Geheimschreiber code, one that was far more "secure" than the Enigma code. :)
Link->The Geheimschreiber Secret: Arne Beurling and the success of Swedish signals intelligence<-Link

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Post by ckleisch » 26 Mar 2003 20:51

Everything i have read indicates that the Polish intelligence services may well have won the war before it even started by their able energies in obtaining the Enigma. Polish cartographers broke the code. England at Bletchley park however broke the code when an additional wheel was added.
So kudos to the Polish intelligence operators

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