what if the gun powder wasn't invented

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what if the gun powder wasn't invented

Post by Madsen » 16 Jul 2002 20:47

With history in mind and with all the conflicts in the world in mind, i started thinking over a little thing. What if gunpowder never was invented.
how will the wars of our time looked like? Like the battle we read about in old time? with archers and spearmen or?
For me this was a funny q.

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Lawrence Tandy
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Post by Lawrence Tandy » 02 Aug 2002 10:17

You can be sure that even without gunpowder, men will always come up with inventive means to kill and maim one enother. Warfare always evolves in one form or another.

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Post by Zachary » 03 Aug 2002 00:28

Without gunpowder the world, I think, would not have been European dominated. The Europeans would have just squabbled amongst themselves instead of expanding into the Americas & Africa.
Maybe even China would have been stronger without the Europeans to help in its decline.
Maybe even the central American civilizations (like the Aztecs and Incas) would have grown to be very large and powerful, and (an extreme idea) maybe would have found Europe instead of the other way around.
Warfare would certainly be more simple, though Lawrence Tandy is right unfortunately. We would have found many other ways to kill ourselves.

Kapitan Drago
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Post by Kapitan Drago » 03 Aug 2002 04:34

Maybe then Turks cant take Konstantinopol and Bizantium still be country.
And the chemical and biological weapons will be more used.Maybe its ok as is now.Both ways is bad.
There will be electrical weapons,better air weapons.
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