Would things have been different..

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Would things have been different..

Post by Petho » 23 May 2002 15:33

Would things have been different on the East Front had Japan also engaged the Russians in the summer of 41?

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Birgitte Heuschkel
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Post by Birgitte Heuschkel » 23 May 2002 15:37

I don't know if the long term outcome would have changed, but it'd certainly have forced the Soviet Union to spread their resources wider. Maybe that would have made a difference in places such as Kursk, maybe not.

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One Difference

Post by Galahad » 23 May 2002 18:02

It would probably have meant that the Siberian troops used as the backbone of the Zhukov's December 1941 counterattack at Moscow wouldn't have been available.
That might have forced the Soviets to remain on the defensive there, instead of counterattacking. It would certainly have weakened any counterattack that was made.
Odds are that the German losses in the winter would have been considerably less than they were in fact, and that they would have been both closer to Moscow in Spring, and have been stronger as well.
That could have changed the German strategy for 1942.

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Post by kchuah » 14 Sep 2002 04:53

Would things have been different on the East Front had Japan also engaged the Russians in the summer of 41?

Yes, of course... Germans will love the Sushi and chopstick.

Don't be surprise to find engraved chopstick with SS-PANZER Div
at Manions.

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HJ Division Grenadier
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Post by HJ Division Grenadier » 14 Sep 2002 17:08

I think it would have made some difference, the German forces were so close to Moscow that if the Siberian troops were kept where they were there might have been the chance to capture it. Its a hard one to think about the eventual outcome though, probably not.

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