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Post by Victor » 21 Aug 2002 14:23

The Japanese could not hope to win a long war against the US and they knew this. It was better for them to try to knock out the Pacific Fleet early and hope that eventually the Americans would come to the negotiations table.
Btw, in order to get to Port Moresby, they would still have to go through the Philippines.

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Post by Gott » 21 Aug 2002 14:44

hitler never like japan. he allied with it because japan was strong and would be good be germany to have a strong ally in asia. hitler hoped that the strong ally would be china, not japan. he attitudes towards chinese in terms of its history and culture was more friendly than his views on japan. had china been stronger in a military sense, hitler would probably choose china.

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Post by neo_neon » 29 Aug 2002 05:19

I agree with Viktor 100 percent. You can't expect these troops to not be supplied. This would extend the Japanese navy even more and would only make a war with the US even more difficult, because you have to defend the supply ships with other naval warships.

I doubt the Americans would have sat idly by watching the Japanese supply troops in Russia agianst Germany. They most likely would have tried to ambush their supply ships. As I recall their codes were broken at the time so it wouldnt have been a problem ambushing them.

It would be completely insane for Japan to think of some operation such as that. Besides... every country looks out for number one. (Themselves).

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Post by kchuah » 14 Sep 2002 04:20

Aiya, Jap only intereseted in Chinese food!


What if Japan interviened in the summer of 1941 against USSR? Would the emperors' fanatic troops tie down enough ruskies?

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