Best Japanese strategic choice with hindsight

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Re: Best Japanese strategic choice with hindsight

Post by ljadw » 12 Jul 2022 07:20

Mr Ward, I have a lot of reservations about what you are saying .I will enumerate only a few
1 Your personal experiences and your past are irrelevant to this discussion .
2 Your belief that you can change the world ,is an illusion. Besides : why do you want to change the world?
3 It is also irrelevant to this discussion .
4 If you want to remake history ( a wast of time IMHO ) by using IFs, these IFs must be based on reality ,and the reality is
a That Japan could never defeat the US
b that Japan did not need to defeat the US,it needed only to make US victory too costly for the US,so that these would give up .
5 You should not include your personal antipathy for FDR in this discussion ( not that I have any sympathy for him ) and to let this antipathy influence the contents of your posts .
FDR was not the dictator of the US ( maybe he aspired to become one,but this is irrelevant ) and his foreign policy was supported by the overwhelming majority of the American people,including the GOP :Lindbergh was not the presidential candidate of the GOP in 1940,but Willkie who was even more hostile to Germany and Japan than FDR .
One of the main reasons for the US hostility to Japan and their sympathy for China were that China was a republic and Japan a monarchy and if you add the wrong perceptions that Japan was a fascist state, that war was a crime and the conviction that the US had the right and the duty to impose their moral beliefs on the world by force,than is it obvious that war between the US and Japan was inevitable .The presence of FDR in the White House was irrelevant : there was no room on earth for evil.US had the duty to extirpate evil ,or better : to extirpate what the US considered as evil .
Ten years after the war,Foster Dulles followed the same policy .

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Re: Best Japanese strategic choice with hindsight

Post by Terry Duncan » 12 Jul 2022 08:53

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