The ideal Axis strategy

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Re: The ideal Axis strategy

Post by ljadw » 27 Dec 2019 19:16

1 Germany was light years away from a nuclear weapon in WWII.
2 The same for the development of ICBMs .Even with the help of von Braun .
3 The SU produced its own nuclear weapon in 1949, without the help of German scientists and US traitors.
4 It was the same for the Soviet ICBMs : the Sputnik was the work of the Soviets only .
5 The US produced their nuclear weapon in 1945,also without foreign help .
6 It was the same for US ICBMs . The role of von Braun was insignifiant .
This means that if Germany won the war, it would take them decennia to have nuclear weapons and ICBMs . Germany had not the resources and not the knowhow .
About the proxy war : there was no war in Berlin or Eastern Europe, and Stalin remained idle when the West eliminated the Greek communists .

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