German "East First" Plan in 1914?

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Re: German "East First" Plan in 1914?

Post by ljadw » 27 Jul 2020 17:02

Vichy units not resisting Torch is telling you that Vichy was not a German puppet.
The fact that Italy declared war on Britain and France does not mean that it was a German puppet.It declared war because it considered this as good for its interests .
In 1934 the same Italy was sending forces to the Brenner Pass after the Austrian nazis tried a coup and killed Dollfuss . That does not mean that Italy was a British/French puppet .
Italy was sending a small force to the USSR, Spain also ,but no one will say that Spain was a German puppet.
There was no Russification of Congress Poland before WWI.The Russians did not try to assimilate the 10 million Poles of Congress Poland .They knew by experience that the results of Russification were very bad .
Before WWII Germany supported the KMT in its fight against Japan, this does not mean that Germany was an ally of the KMT. US was selling oil to Japan, this does not mean that US was an ally of Japan .
A few days after PH,Hitler declared war on the US,but not to help Japan : Germany was not a Japanese puppet .

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Re: German "East First" Plan in 1914?

Post by glenn239 » 27 Jul 2020 17:08

History Learner wrote:
27 Jul 2020 12:19
Did it not later on in 1940 and then contribute forces to Russia?
The Italian DOW on France and Britain in June 1940 was a purely opportunistic move, done with the expectation of aggrandizing Italy after the major fighting had ceased.

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